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Our Services

Servicing speech and language clients in the state of Arizona via telepractice, in-person (at home) and through hybrid sessions.

Speech Sound Disorders & Delays

Therapy will help: 

  • Increase your child's speech intelligibility

  • Your child gain awareness and self-correct speech sound errors

  • Your child utilize appropriate placement of articulators that include: lips, tongue and jaw and overall motor movement during speech production

  • Build confidence in your child's productions as they move up the speech sound hierarchy and overall increase their successful productions

Language Disorders & Delays

Therapy will help:

  • Your child ask and answer WH- questions, yes/no questions, etc.

  • Utilize grammar rules and various grammatical markers

  • With following multi-step directions

  • Your child use and understand new vocabulary words

  • With your child communicating their wants/needs effectively

  • Increase your child's understanding of story elements, main idea, details, and sequencing

Fluency Disorders

Therapy will help:

  • With your child's speech fluency 

  • With your child's organization of their speech 

  • Your child learn about what creates the speech mechanism

  • Your child implement various fluency strategies 

  • With your child's overall self-awareness of their disfluencies and heighten their self-monitoring

Social Communication

Therapy will help: 

  • Your child with problem solving 

  • Understand and use nonverbal communication (e.g. body language)

  • With turn taking 

  • Implementing eye contact

  • Your child utilize greetings and farewells

  • Expand figurative language 

  • Build confidence in social communication skills

  • With identifying the size of the problem

Early Intervention

Therapy will help: 

  • Your child become familiar with routines 

  • Boost imaginary play

  • Your child develop speech sounds

  • With engagement in play routines

  • Multiply meaningful word combinations

  • Increase your child's overall intelligibility

  • With joint attention 

  • Grow your child's vocabulary 

  • With turn taking

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