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Frequently Asked Questions


More questions? 

Do you accept insurance? 

At this time, Tip of the Tongue LLC does not participate with any insurance companies, but will provide a superbill at the end of each month where services were rendered, upon request. Please note that our rates may be different from your insurance reimbursement rate and reimbursement rates could be lower. It’s recommended that you check with your insurance provider for rates and coverage of services. The client’s parent(s)/guardian(s) is solely responsible for submitting all claims to their health insurance company, should one wish to receive reimbursement for any services rendered by Tip of the Tongue LLC.

What are the benefits of private pay?  

There are several benefits to private pay: 
- Services are not limited by health insurance providers.
    - Insurance companies can limit the number, duration, or type of speech therapy services will be covered.
- Individualized, flexible and creative therapy services.
- There is no need for a doctor referral.
- Customizable treatment plan.

What is your payment policy? 

- Payment is expected prior to or at the time of service. If payment is not made at the time of service, the session will be cancelled. No further therapy sessions will occur until the account is paid in full. Not paying at the time of session may result in your therapy time slot being filled.

- A Good Faith Estimate will be provided prior to beginning services to estimate the number of visits as well as the estimated total cost. 

What Forms of payment do you accept? 

At this time, the forms of payment accepted include: 
- Cash 
- Zelle  
- Check (made payable to: Tip of the Tongue LLC).

How involved am I in my child's speech and language therapy progress?


We highly encourage family involvement throughout the duration of your child's time with Tip of the Tongue. With this involvement, we actively work together to achieve progress, create goals and celebrate the growth and success of your child! 

What are the length of Therapy sessions? 


Therapy sessions will be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Length and frequency of sessions will be determined based on each client's individual needs. 

Why telepractice?

- Telepractice (teletherapy) is a popular tool that we use to connect with our clients through video conferencing. The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) defines telepractice as, "the delivery of services using telecommunication and Internet technology to remotely connect clinicians to clients, other health care providers, and/or educational professionals for screening, assessment, intervention, consultation, and/or education.” We utilize the platform GoogleMeet, with appropriate safeguards in place. The benefit of telepractice is that it is easily accessible. The client only needs a computer, webcam, microphone (built into many computers) and Internet connection. 

- Telepractice is not for every client and The ASHA Code of Ethics and rules will be considered prior to determining service delivery. Should it be determined this is not an appropriate fit, you will be notified. 

What ages do you service? 

Tip of the Tongue LLC services pediatric and adolescent clients. We also work with individuals post high school or into early adulthood who are under guardianship of caregivers. Please contact us for more information.

What do you do to protect my information? 

Tip of the Tongue values your personal and private information that is shared with us. Listed below is how we protect your information: 

- All client information will be kept confidential and in a secure location.

- Reports, goals, etc. may be sent by Tip of the Tongue, LLC to outside sources (i.e., doctor’s office) by signing a separate and voluntary, Release of Information.

- Additionally, Tip of the Tongue LLC follows The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA). Our HIPPA Policy can be viewed here.

What is your attendance policy? 

All client cancellations require at least a 24-hour notice. Should your child become ill unexpectedly, or an emergency occurs, please give Tip of the Tongue, LLC written notice (i.e., text/email). If you do not provide 24 hours’ cancellation notice, you understand that you will be charged a fee. I understand a “no-show” fee is an out-of- pocket expense, that cannot be reimbursed by health insurance.

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